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May. 27, 2011 | Posted in School Events | Tags:
Florence Design Week -Part 1

Hello, there! The blog of Accademia Riaci has returned!
We will bring you interesting and useful information from florence, so please check from now and then.


Well, this week, florence is holding “Florence Design Week”
It is a very unique international art fair, which involves the whole city of Florence,
with special events and exhibitions taking place at various spots.
Its scope is maintaining historical and cultural heritage.

Following last year, also this year, Accademia Riaci is participating to the event,
offering interesting activities, open classes, students’ and professors’ works exhibition, workshops, Mini-buffet, etc.

(Check out our website for detail=>

Here is the tour of students’ work exhibition inside the campus;


This is the entrance, facing the “aristocrat’s street” busy with tourists.


going upstairs overlooking the nice garden,..


you are welcomed by students’ works of the painting course.


enjoying each story, enter the next room…


Visitors from various ages have given us comments saying “mervelous!”.

It is a pleasure to receive such compliments.


These are picture books made by students, aren’t they cute?


These are shoes in the process of making, each stitch is done by hand.


There are also the dishes made by the culinary art course students exhibited.

Want a bite from the picture? Then, come to our mini-buffet in the lunch time (open 13:00-15:00). 

All who are in Flonce at the moment are welcome!


The works of students in interior design, shoe, bag, and graphic design courses.

Here is the list of all institutions taking part in the Florence Design Week.
The number of companies and organizations reminds us of the fact that florence is indeed a city of art.
If you happen to be in Florence during this period, please come to visit our school.
If you are planning studying in florence, it maybe a good idea to plan your visit during florence design week.
It will be a pleasant addition to already interesting living in Florence!



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