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Staff Blog≫ Italian Gelato!!!

Hello! This is Accademia Riaci Office staff.

The weather has become so hot these days…!

With the sudden temperature rise as if the summer has arrived, our Tokyo staffs have been turning on electric fan and opening windows etc.

As there are intense temperature differences everyday, please be careful not to catch cold and we wish you all well!

Now, what we long for in these hot summery days…

is most definitely…

Italian Gelato!!!

It is so delicious and refreshing with the taste made from natural, raw materials. Italian Gelato shops have fruit flavors for certainly, and several kinds of creams, nuts, chocolates in numerous types and varieties. 

Italian people love this gelato. Not only tourists and children but you may sometimes even see a gentleman with a classy suit standing on a street with a gelato in his hand. For families, they may sometimes go out together to have some gelato after dinner.

In Firenze, there are many Gelato shops that may be new or old and well established. How would you like to select which Gelato shop to go? By their taste, or by their price or perhaps by their portion size… wouldn’t you like to find your own special one favorite Gelato shop?

As for my favorite Gelato shop, it is…

Antica Gelateria Fiorentina.

This shop is one of the Gelato shops that you would be able to go for training in our Gelato course at Accademia Riaci!

At our ‘Gelato course’, for our first week, there are training sessions on gelato where you will study the skills of making, the secrets to the tastes and the how-to of the making of gelato.

In the second week and after, you will be able to have an experience as a clerk at the actual Gelateria. You will not only be able to study about gelato but also learn about the preferences of the local citizens and the know-how of the correspondences at the shop.

For those of you who love Gelato, please join us!

For more information, contact Accademia Riaci!

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