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Staff Blog≫ Discover enlightening and amusing experiences in Italy with our Italian Language Plus program

Ciao, this is Accademia Riaci school staff.
This week we would like to introduce our Italian language program in Florence,
offered in very friendly price.

As you know, Italy has lot of charms in art, cooking, or fashion.
This Italian Language Plus program is best for someone who wants to enjoy as much as possible
in most reasonable way.
The tuition is merely 3,840 euro for one year.  More than just Italian language lessons,
you also have free options such as Toscana style Italian Home Cooking lessons, Basic English lessons,
and Panoramic Visit.
It has rich contents and reasonable price as ever!

Let us explain more about those free optional activities.
In Toscana style Italian Home Cooking, famous cuisine professional teaches you
how to cook delicious full course (appetizer, pasta, main dish, and dessert—about 4 or 5 receipts) every time.
Basic English lessons covers from foundation level, focused on conversations, to survive in any countries.
Italy is an international country with many tourists, students, and professions from all nationalities,
so learning English is also a good way to make connections and communication.
Panoramic Visit offers you full experiences of art, nature,
and local gourmet with interesting explanations from our guide.

Not only learning Italian language from scratch, you can also enjoy one year in Italy
with various activities of home cooking, English lessons, or local food tryouts.
Living in Italy gives you much more fulfilling experiences than just traveling!

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