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Staff Blog≫ Italian home cooking with English interpreter

Today we would like to introduce our Italian home cooking with English interpreter.

Accademia Riaci is a professional school of art, design, and cooking accredited by state of Toscana.
We are located in very convenient place from Florence central station and Duomo, just 5 minutes walk.

This Italian home cooking is one of our most popular programs.
The teacher is famous as a cuisine professional in Florence and the lessons are carried in her kitchen with cozy atmosphere.
Each time, students can learn 4 recipes, starting from appetizer, pasta, main dish, then finishing up with dessert.

Visiting central food market is also included in the program, accompanied with English interpreter.
You will see how Italian people make conversations, jokes and deals during shopping.

This program starts even with one student, almost every Monday (except for summer vacation and holiday seasons, please check).
If you are interested in, please refer to





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FAX +39 055-212791
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Via de' Conti 4 - 50123
Florence Italy

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