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Sep. 14, 2012 | Posted in Top Stories, Glass Art | Tags:
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Stained glass is one of the most popular glass art in Europe.
Italy and other European countries have numerous masterpieces in those churches or cathedrals.
The origin of the stained glass is said that they drew Christianity stories on the windows for who could not read bible.
All time, beautiful stained glasses in many churches keep fascinating people visiting Florence, by the lightings, colors, and material components.

In Glass Art course at Accademia Riaci, Tiffany style, mosaic glass technique, or history of glass art can be learned.
Students enjoy those historical and real art pieces in Florence, then concentrate on their own creations, which will be their great experiences.
You can finish mirror flame, wall ornament, or small works even for one-week short lessons. Please try and make your original art piece!






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