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Staff Blog≫ Italian Home Cooking course with Interpreter

Hello, there! How are you?
Today, we would like to show you our Italian Home Cooking course with interpreter.

Nowadays, Italian cuisine can be found anywhere in the world, but the origin of such popular Italian culinary culture started from ordinary kitchens of Italian Mamma. In Italy, there are many regional cuisines, each different from the others, but above all Tuscan region is widely known for its rich variety of ingredients and fusion of aristocratic dishes and farmer’s dishes.

In our course of Home Cooking in Florence, professional culinary art experts will be your teacher, and will teach you Tuscan and regional Italian cuisine, using seasonal ingredients. 

You will learn a full-course dishes at each lesson, learning 65-85 recipes with easy-to-practice techniques in just 1 month! Enjoy the exquisite taste of authentic Italian cuisine, blessed with rich nature, not able to get in a restaurant. You can bring back these taste to your own family kitchen!

Here is some example of the menu:


Antipasto (Hors d’oeuvre)
– an hors d’oeuvre of dried tomato
– leek tart
– carpaccio of artichoke
– steamed mussels with wine

Primo Piatto
– riso verde
– risotto ai funghi
– tortiglioni with meat sause
– polenta

Second Piatto & vegetables
– veal rib shank stew
– fricassee of chicken and vegetable
– meat ball with mushrooms
– inzimino

– hazelnut cake
– apple tart
– pear tart
– apple dessert


During the cooking and explanation of the recipe, there will be an assistant interpreter, so don’t worry about not knowing Italian language!
To find out more about our 120% satisfactory Home cooking course with interpreter, please contact us!

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