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Staff Blog≫ Culinary Arts Course for Professionals + Restaurant Internship

In this course, students take classes for culinary arts professionals, while studying the Italian language, then, move on to practical training for 4 to 22 months at restaurants.

The course includes a visit to slaughterhouse, where the students can watch processes how they make blocked meat.
You will see they give electric shocks to cows using guns then disassemble a whole cow.
You can understand meanings of taking their lives to eat.
This is not a pretty sight at all, but this makes you appreciate the meat, otherwise you do not realize where it comes from.

There are also several visits to cheese factories, wineries, ham factory, etc.
This course is really full of contents, not only studying in the kitchen, but outside of the school to increase knowledge of the ingredients (and it is fun to take buses or trains with everyone).
At the end of the course, you can get a diploma of professional school.

From next year, the course is held three times a year, from January 27, April 7 and September 29.
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