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Staff Blog≫ Fresco technic in Painting/Drawing course

Hello all! This is Accademia Riaci school staff.

Today we would like to introduce one of the technics you can learn in our Painting/Drawing course.
Have you ever heard of Fresco painting?

In Fresco painting, over the layer of the mortar base on the wall made from mixture of sand and caustic lime,
paints are applied with water.  
The biggest characteristic of this method compared with other paintings is that there is no solvent necessary to fix colors on the surface.  
For example, Japanese painting or watercolor uses various glues, oil painting uses oil as solvent.  
In Fresco, pigment particles are kept in lime crystals and produce great color and durability,
lasting for even few thousand years.
The most famous Fresco paintings in the world would be Genesis and Last Judgment in Sistine Chapel in Vatican City State, painted by Michelangelo. Actually, many paintings on walls or ceilings in Italian churches choose Fresco technic.



Look, they are beautiful and magnificent.  
Why don’t you learn this technic in Accademia Riaci, located in the capital of art?



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