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Staff Blog≫ Lean Italian Home Cooking from Mamma directly (with English interpreter)!

For Italian people, eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. In fact, not only in restaurant, but also at home, they don’t forget to enjoy the cuisine, with “Appetizer, Pasta (gnocchi or risotto), Main Plate, and Dessert.”

In Italian Homemade Cooking Course from Accademia Riaci, a cuisine professional living in Florence, teaches the traditional Tuscan cooking with “Simple”, “Fast” and “Exquisite” recipes.

Every lesson covers 4 recipes of full course starting from Appetizer, Pasta, Main Plate, then Dessert in cozy atmosphere in her kitchen.

Italian Home Cooking 001
▲(Appetizer) Bruschetta with diced tomato

Italian Home Cooking 002
▲(Pasta) Carbonara spaghetti

Italian Home Cooking 003
▲(Main Plate) Saltinbocca meat

Italian Home Cooking 004
▲(Dessert) Pear tart

Italian Home Cooking 005
▲Each student actually cook those recipes with advice.  
At the end of each lesson, students enjoy the full course together over wine.

Italian Home Cooking 006
▲The teacher’s manual … Many secrets of her recipes.

Italian Home Cooking 007
▲The teacher (right) and her son, Cogimo (Left).  He  also involved in binding of her cookbook, published as “L’Arte della Cucina Casareccia (The Art of Homemade Cooking)”

Italian Home Cooking 008

▲The teacher’s home

This course is very flexible and easy to join, which starts every Sunday, available for even one student.
The time period can be 1 week up to 1 year.

Her recipes using seasonably best ingredients taste all great.
For sure, this Italian Home Cooking course brings you 120% satisfaction!
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