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Feb. 03, 2012 | Posted in Top Stories, Living in Florence | Tags:
Staff Blog≫ SNOW in Florence!!!

Che freddooooooooo! 04

It’s Coooooooooold!!!
Here in Toscana, we are all half frozen! From the night of January 31st, it is snowing and the temperature has lowered under zero grades Celsius.

The morning of February 1st, I woke up to find the city of Florence as another world…all white! It was hard to believe my eyes, because in Tuscany, it is rare that it snows in the city.

Anyway, my awe continued when I arrived to the station; all the trains are delayed and no one had any idea when the train would depart… even the train mechanist said “I don’t know when it will depart, because the train conductor is gone!”

So, I was stuck in the train station for almost 2 hours, moving from one train to another (all still as ice), from one platform to another, together with other people in the station…why moving? Because people were in panic, and were eager to be on the first train that would depart.

-“Look! That train is preparing to depart!” Shouted one, and all the others were getting off their train and moving toward the other train.
-“No!, That other train is departing instead.” And people were running to another train. And people who had no idea saw people marching to another train, and joined the line. -“Why are they going toward that train?? Surely, it will be the first one to depart!! Let’s go!!!”

In the end, I remained in the same train and was able to go with less crowded train…. Patience wins in Italy, what with Italy or Italian…




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