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Staff Blog≫ Art Visit – visit to Italian arts

Hello everyone!
As you may already know, the historical center of Florence is registered
as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982 …..
And this is one of the reasons why Accademia Riaci offers “Art Visits” for students of long-term courses (4 months or more).
Once a week, our students go out with a guide that shows various interesting locations in Florence, our beautiful city.
Students have the opportunity to deepen the artistic, cultural and historical knowledge of “Cradle of the Renaissance.”
The visits from last period was really exciting and popular among students:
Museum delle Pietre Dure (Museum of semi-precious stones), Orsanmichele (Orsanmichele Church),
Spedale degli Innocenti (Hospital of innocents) ….
Let me share with you a curiosity from last visit:
a bit peculiar name of the Spedale degli Innocenti comes from the episode of the biblical “Massacre of the Innocents.
” Today, in the tradition of fostering infants, the building hosts two kindergardens, a nursery,
and three group homes for the adopting children from families in difficulty, and also UNICEF research office.
In addition, since 1997, government has appointed the institute as the national centre for documentation
and analysis of children and adolescent, and also a centre of promotion for child care and children’s rights across Europe,
not only in Italy. Actually, among the most common surnames in Italy, such as Innocenti, Proietti, Esposti, and Esposito,
mean orphaned children.
The institute is located in Piazza Santissima Annunziata in the church of the Santissima Annunziata,
and the church has an ancient myth that an angel painted the ancient Annunciation fresco painting.
You might see young married couples offer flowers to the painting for fertility wish. On 25 March,
the Annunciation Day, they celebrate and sell traditional biscuits called “brigidini” in Annunciation Square.




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