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Staff Blog≫ Bag Making -Summer Short Course

Hi, there! How are you enjoying your summer?

This time, we would like to share how our summer course students enjoyed
their summer with our bag making course.

They attended a 2 week bag making course from Nigeria, and from Japan.

Bag Making

The advantages of learning at Academy are: all the professors are top
level Italian artists and designers, and student-teacher ratio is kept
small (up to 8 students per professor) 

How special is it to have one of the best artists in Italy to tutor you in such a
close relation, semi-private!? Do not worry about not knowing Italian, there
will be an Italian/English interpreter to assist you so that you understand
every instruction.

Bag Making

Bag Making

Bag Making

Bag Making


The lessons proceed at the best pace for each student, in a serious, but
friendly atmosphere.

At first, the students hands were awkward, but soon enough they got the
knack of it and moved their hands very fast.

After the lesson, they went to visit leather goods shop or accessories shops
together with the professor.


Here are there works.
Can you believe that they are hand made by students without previous experience??

Bag Making

Bag Making

To a memory of Florence, the student added a message “made with Prof.Stefano.” 

Bag Making 

Both students went home happy and satisfied after 2 weeks.

Even if you do not have time to take academic courses, you can use your
holidays to learn and make a bags that is truly only one in the world..

There are also other short courses, such as Jewellery Making, Glass Art, Ceramics, etc.

You do not even have to worry about accommodation, as Accademia Riaci
has students’ accommodation, too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!




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